Where It All Started

Red and Black Vintage Interiors is a small, family run business nestled in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands, grown out of our love for all things vintage, restoring furniture and a passion for making things with our own fair hands – no matter how weird and wonderful the end product may be! 

At the centre of the business is “us” – husband and wife team, Bros and Lynne (there’s a cheesy photo of us on our wedding day if you keep scrolling down).

We both started out in corporate world, many moons ago but, after years of hard grafting, decided that it was time to pursue something we loved and gave us the flexibility to work our own hours, on projects that we were actually passionate and excited about.

Lynne has over 24 years experience in the antiques and furniture trade, and Bros has always made and mending things as a hobby – from furniture and household items to cars and motorbikes. 

So, in 2012 we decided to turn those hobbies into a business and Red and Black Vintage Interiors was born. 

What We Do Now

Having started in an old barn/workshop space on a friend’s farm with just a few tools and a single plank of wood to work with, we now live on-site in a stunning cottage approximately 400 metres away from our workshop!

Here at Red and Black Vintage Interiors we make and re-purpose furniture and household items from reclaimed materials. Everything we produce is bespoke – therefore no two items are ever exactly the same.

And we don’t just deal in your standard items, there’s always something unique and unusual being developed (straight out of Bros’ head). Our most popular items to date include rustic church pews made from reclaimed pine, vintage veg racks with built in chopping boards and our outlandish tractor lamps created from old Singer sewing machines. 

Despite the business going from strength to strength over the years, we’ve remained a husband and wife team (with a little help from family and pets here and there) to keep the personal and unique touch that we have worked so hard to establish and that our customers know and love. 

Meet the Team

Bros and Lynne – The Bosses

The husband and wife dream team! 

Lynne deals with pretty much everything! From sales and admin to sanding, painting and waxing all of our fantastic vintage pieces, Lynne is involved in all elements of the business.

Bros’ main duties include anything related to woodwork, metalwork, design and sign writing. He’s also the brains behind our more unusual items like the vintage Singer tractor lamps and guitar tables. 

ßHere’s the cheesy wedding photo we promised you!

Dani – The Techie

Daughter Dani, is the brains (and hands) behind our website, social media accounts and photographs. She’s a bit of a pro when it comes to setting up websites and maintaining an online presence for us. 

Dani can usually be found behind a laptop screen with a large cup of coffee or out walking the dogs. 

When she’s not creating awesome new content for Red and Black, she’s running her own online businesses; danifairhurst.com, Flourishing Business Mum, Brighteyed and Bewildered, and Rustic Weddings UK.

Mark – The…We’re Not Sure Yet 

Mark is Dani’s other half. 


Besides distracting Bros and talking about motorbikes for hours on end (much to the annoyance of Dani and Lynne), we’re not entirely sure what his role in the business is! He just seems to hang around giving general moral support and coming up with “genius” new ideas that would never actually work.


What we do know is that he can order a mean takeaway, reach things in high places and entertain the Red and Black pets for hours and hours. 

Micky – The Mascot (and Pet Boss)

Micky is the lovable ball of fluff that greets any visitors to the farm. He’s also featured in our logo (clearly no favouritism going on here – blame Dani, she designed it!)


As well as looking adorable he’s also the boss of the Red and Black pets, keeping everyone in check by barking at them and headbutting them if they decide to do something naughty. He’s especially bossy once he’s got his hi-vis jacket on and clipboard out! 


When he’s not bossing the other pets about, you can find him curled up on the back of the sofa taking a nap (or just generally trying to hide from Sherlock).


Cassie – HR


Meet Cassie, the HR Manager (well, the whole HR team really!) She makes sure that everyone is in order, takes their annual leave and gets paid on time. 

She’s a gentle giant. Unless you decide to stop fussing her, in which case, you might get a forceful nudge!


When she’s not filing paperwork, Cassie can be found swimming in the brook where she suddenly becomes part-Labrador, part-seal. She’s even considered taking up synchronised swimming but she’s still searching for team mates.

Sherlock – The Hoover

Sherlock has a very special talent – EATING! 

As a lab puppy he will eat literally anything and everything he finds – kind of like a hoover only less fussy! 

Apart from chewing on things he shouldn’t, Sherlock’s main role at Red and Black is moral support, especially cuddles, licks and the occasional nibble.

Like his mum Dani, he’s also partial to an online business opportunity and you can find him working on his own website Adventures of Sherlock.  

Puppy – Head of Security (Special Ops)

Despite being called Puppy, he’s actually a cat (no really, check out his picture there). 


Although we’re based in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands, in a quaint little village, we decided that we should probably have some sort of security…enter Puppy!


When he’s not hiding under the bed, you can find him in the garden squashing all of the plants that we’ve just put in.